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is he smiling?

no, he's not.

5 November
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I want to meet everbody.

Until I was five, my life was not much to be talked about. Then, my father died. He was hit by a drunk driver. For a long time after that, I never realized that that particular event made me who I am today, and only a few years ago did I.

I am a philosophy major, who is in between schools. For now I live in the South Suburbs of Chicago, but I may be moving off to New York very soon.

I play guitar, and a bunch of other instruments. My main music right now is Ghosts, www.myspace.com/ghosts1

I like wayyyy too much music to bother listing here, but I will list my current favourites: Radiohead, Islands, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, The Birthday Party, LCD Soundsystem, Of Montreal, and Alivce Coletrane.

My favourite movies are The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things, and A Clockwork Orange.

My Favourite Authors are: JT LeRoy, Bret Easton Ellis, Chuck Palahniuk, TS Eliot, Anthony Burgess, William S. Burroughs, Kurt Vonnegut (except slaughterhouse five), Charles Bukowski, and Edward Gorey.

Philosophers: Lately I've only been reading the work of Albert Camus.

I have AIM, and Im on fairly often, so I'd really REALLY like to meet you. We can talk about anything.